Blanche is based off the French myth of Dames Blanche, ghostly women dressed in white who would attack travellers on the road in Northern France.

If a traveller refused to dance with one of the Dames Blanche, she would throw him into the brambles.

In keeping with the myth, if you come to Blanche you must dance. Any and all food must be ordered on the dance floor.

Blanche offers delicious pastries from the Lorraine region of France. Both sweet and savory are offered, as well as authentic french wine and desserts. All food at Blanche is monochromatic. The decadence of the sweets and pastries is contrasted with highly minimal plating.

Located in a warehouse in northern Seattle and only open
at night, Blanche hopes to offer a unique experience for all who visit. Paying tribute to France’s long musical history, patrons can enjoy live Jazz echoing off the high concrete walls during all open hours.

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